Can Social Media Increase Business?

This past week I had the honor of speaking on social media at the Generation Blue Conference in Las Vegas, NV.  During the opening ceremony there were some really amazing sessions including a Keynote by Chris Brogan, a controversial smackdown between old school school and new school marketing, and an all-star panel of social media rock stars.  One of the major points of debate in the smackdown was this: Can social media increase business, or is it just a total waste of time where you waste time just talking to people instead of selling.

I debated writing a long post on my thoughts on this and why I know social media works.  But, instead of writing on my own successes, I decided I would share a video I recorded during the event of the social media rock stars.  These are three agents that have dove into social media head first and have reaped great rewards from it.  Before I share the video, let me first give you a little background on the people you are going to see in it.

First, is Maya Paveza, a Wilmington, DE agent.  She is a top producing agent in the north east and was the #1 agent in the state of Delaware in 2009.  Maya has used social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to generate many new clients and additional sales.  The second person on the panel was Christophe Choo, the top selling agent in one of most exclusive markets in the United States, Beverly Hills.  Christophe has used social media to sell some of the most expensive homes in America.  The last member of the panel was Jessica Edwards, a Wilmington, NC real estate agent that is using video to connect with potential clients and attributes her increase in sales directly to social media.

So now that you know a little bit about the panel, watch the video below and as you do remember to ask yourself the question: “Can social media increase my business?”

I think in the case of these three the message is clear, social media can take your business and explode it to a whole other level. People realize the importance of social media in their business plan and it was evident by the packed classes that had anything to do with social media. The shift is coming and you can either embrace it or be left in the dust.

Jeremy Blanton

Jeremy Blanton is the Co-Founder of 210 Consulting- Social Media Advisors. He is a social media speaker who shares with thousands of people each year on things like how to use Facebook for Business, Blogging, and How to use Twitter.

When he is not coaching or speaking, he spends most of his time working on Custom WordPress Sites for his clients.

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  • of course it can!!! no matter even what we are talking about! everything can Increase Business!!! but you have to be careful. all the possible strategies and all the possible ways of providing them is not that easy as you might think! everywhere there are stones that are hidden under the water and cant be seen but believe me – they can hurt you so much that your Business even can sink….so just be attentive.

  • While listening seems like a no brainer, for some it is amazing how
    difficult it seems!

  • TheRECoach

    Hey Jeremy,

    Having been in that audience, I feel I have a unique perspective on this. I will say, however, that within 2 minutes of this so called “Smackdown”, I turned to my neighbors and said “This is gonna be bad!”. You see, I already knew that Mathew would have brilliant points, and copious notes full of validity on his side, but when you stand up in front of 2,000 to 3,000 people that rarely matters. What does, is what Mike has in “Spades” and that is Stage presence, charisma, and sarcastic wit.

    Though this was a “Planned” event, it was far from “Staged”. In fact the only scheduled pre-event meeting was conveniently (in in my opinion purposefully) missed by Mr. Ferry. Thereby putting Mathew at another disadvantage, not knowing what Mike would be saying.

    Bottom line = The message got lost in the production…that being, we are in a moment in time where Old School Selling Skills and New Technology Skills are BOTH necessary! In fact, if you were half Mathew & half Mike, you would be a damn good RE Agent =) You would fish in a huge pond for Prospects, and find “hook” a ton of them, and you would convert those catches to contracts at a high rate using proven closing skills.

    Coldwell Banker sent Mathew in to a debate he could not win, and that may have derailed the message, but this message is so clear and so important that it will never be stopped…live, learn, listen to progress or get the hell out of the way!

    BTW – Your session was very good and my Agents came away voting it as a one of the 3 BEST of the week, so thanks!

    Eric Bryant
    Coldwell Banker Coastal Alliance

  • Wow thanks for the awesome words Eric! You are so very right. I shared on
    several blogs that I think there is a balance of the two pieces to really
    design the “mega agent.” Someone who puts the hard work that Mike preaches
    with the technical stuff of Matthew can really do well.

    Also, glad to hear I ranked in the top three of your agents! I find that an

  • TheRECoach

    I have been teaching this subject, and talking about it for a long time Jeremy…here is a blog post I did in early 2008 on Zillow’s Geek Estate Blog urging Agents to find that synergy/partnership …

    Bets of Luck!


  • TheRECoach

    I have been teaching this subject, and talking about it for a long time Jeremy…here is a blog post I did in early 2008 on Zillow’s Geek Estate Blog urging Agents to find that synergy/partnership …

    Bets of Luck!