Using Max Buttons In Your Custom WordPress Site

Call To Action Buttons for WordPressEach day I speak with potential new clients about their current websites and what can be done to increase the number of leads their sites generate.   As we begin to discuss building their new custom WordPress site, I normally have to have a good thirty minute conversation with them around the importance of having call to actions on their home page, and above the fold.  For example, if you are a real estate agent, the most important thing to have on your home page is the ability for a potential lead to search the current homes for sale in your area.  Therefore, when I visit your site, I need to see an easy and clear way to search homes loading up immediately.

While the theory is easy to understand, generating these call to action buttons inside your custom WordPress site on your own can sometimes be a rather daunting task.  To create visually appealing buttons you need a good knowledge of graphic design and also some basic coding skills to know how to install them into your WordPress site.  You might end up having to spend several hundreds of dollars to purchase programs like Photoshop.  Or, you can always hire a designer to build them for you, but that too could cost a few hundred bucks to get them made.  While it used to seem either an expensive option, or one that involved technical know how, that is no longer the case.  Now, by using a great plugin called Max Buttons (affiliate link) you can create and add call to action buttons almost anywhere throughout your site for under $30 if you purchase the pro version.

Here’s a quick demo of how I made some really basic call to action buttons for a client the other day using Max Buttons:


What’s great is that you can quickly and easily change these buttons and insert them into any page, post, or text widget within your site.  Also, with their copy functions, you can duplicate the designs of buttons very quickly and easily.  This plugin is a great addition to any Custom WordPress Site to help increase the number of leads your site can generate.

Jeremy Blanton

Jeremy Blanton is the Co-Founder of 210 Consulting- Social Media Advisors. He is a social media speaker who shares with thousands of people each year on things like how to use Facebook for Business, Blogging, and How to use Twitter.

When he is not coaching or speaking, he spends most of his time working on Custom WordPress Sites for his clients.

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  1. blogging Thanks for the helpful post! I would never have discovered this on my own!

    Thanks for the helpful post! I would never have discovered this on my own!