Why “Admin” Is Never A Good Idea For Your Custom WordPress Site


When it comes to the security of your Custom WordPress Site this needs to be a top priority for any WordPress site owners.  I’ve talked in the past about the importance of keeping your site up to date to keep your site secure, but today I want to talk about the other major reason most sites get hacked.

Too many times when you are using a hosting solution with a 1-click WordPress install option, the default username is set to Admin.  Unfortunately, if you don’t customize the username from the default Admin setting, you are placing your website at a much greater risk of someone hacking your site.  Take a look at this screenshot I received in my inbox from a weekly report of people trying to log into my site.

Login Attempt Failures

As you can see, by far, the most popular username that hackers try to use to log into your account is admin.  In the last week it was tried 680 times in comparison to the next closest attempt of 10 tries.   So, if you own a WordPress site and your username is set to admin, I highly recommend getting that changed immediately.

You can change usernames a few different ways.  If you have another email account that you would like to use for your account, you can simply create a new administrator level user on your account and then simply delete the old user.  However, if you want to use your current user email address, this option wouldn’t work and you would need to edit the files via PHP MyAdmin.  It’s not a difficult task, but if you are concerned about breaking something I’d highly recommend letting someone else handle it.

If you need help, you can always contact me and I will do what I can to help you get this fixed quickly and help make your Custom WordPress Site safer immediately!

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