How To Add Captions To Facebook LIVE Videos

Adding captions to your videos can be so valuable.  It helps those watching without sound to know what the video is about.  It will keep those people engaged for a longer time period or even get them to un-mute the video and listen with sound at a later time. But what happens when you are running a Facebook LIVE video?  Captions are not there since it is live.  So how do I go about adding captions to my videos?  Well it’s a pretty simply process and can be done in just a few steps.

Step 1: Download video from your Facebook Page.  Pretty easy & simple to do. As long as you are an admin of the page you will have access and be able to do this pretty easily.

Download FB Video

Step 2:  Upload video to YouTube as Unlisted video & hit save.  Unless you want the video showing up on your channel, I upload as unlisted and then add all the proper information before sending the video public on my YouTube Channel.

upload to YouTube Unlisted

Step 3: Once video has finished processing on YouTube, go back & edit the video and click on the Subtitles/CC tab. Closed Captions

Step 4: Click Add New Subtitles or CC and Select desired Language.

New Subtitles


Step 5:  Choose and auto-syncTranscribe & Auto Sync

Step 6:  Type captions in type what’s spoken here box. Make sure the Pause while typing box is checked.  Click play on video and transcribe along.  When finished, click Set Timings

Step 7:  Wait a few moments for YouTube to process new file and then go and manually adjust any timings that need to be adjusted.  

Set Timings

Step 8:  Go back to edit captions menu and click download .srt file. SRT

Step 9:  Rename SRT file by adding correct extension to end of file.  Facebook doesn’t like just SRT files, you need to manually rename file from to

Step 10:  Go back to Facebook & edit video and go to captions file and upload newly saved file.CaptionsStep 11: Click save and your are finished!  Captions are now running on your new LIVE video.

Jeremy Blanton

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