Blogging For Real Estate Business- Frugyl

Who is This Class For?

Blogging is one of the most important components to your online marketing strategy.  Statistics show that businesses who blog receive more 55% more online traffic than those who don’t.  Unfortunately, many do not know where to begin.  This webinar is designed to give help to everyone from the person who doesn’t know if blogging is worth the time for their business to the advanced tech person who wants to learn more advanced practices to take their blogging to another level.

What will be covered?

FrugylIn this intense two hour course we will cover:

  • What blogging platforms are available to enhance your real estate business.
  • Plugins to make your blog posts better.
  • How to write appealing posts for consumers.
  • The formula for a blog post to make it search engine optimized. (SEO)
  • How to figure out what buyers and sellers are looking for online.
  • How to develop a writing strategy that works with the busiest of real estate agents.
  • How to use images you didn’t take in your blog posts without being sued for thousands of dollars.
  • Content ideas that increase your overall income.
  • How to use your blog to get in front of local consumers daily.
  • How to structure your blog/website to convert the most leads.
Building content on a platform you control is imperative to the longevity of your business.  Unlike a Facebook post or a Twitter status update, your blog posts can continue to bring you business for years to come.

The recording is available for Frugyl members for $50

Lastly, if you prefer personal one on one consulting/coaching on blogging or any other social media platforms, contact me directly for pricing.