I get asked all the time what types of gear I use to run 210 Consulting.  Well, I figured it was probably time to put together some sort of a gear page with links to all these products.  I will tell you ahead of time that some the links below are affiliate links and if you purchase via one of the links below I might receive a small sum of money.


Currently I am running two computers for my business.  The desktop is an iMac and is used primarily in the office because of the larger screen.  I’ve also added a second monitor with it so I have 2 giant screens to do my work from.  Having a secondary monitor is a must if you spend a lot of time working in front of your computer all day long.  I’ve found it to allow me to multitask things much easier and more efficiently.

When I am on the road traveling as a Social Media Speaker I travel with my 15″ Macbook Pro.  I thought about going with a Macbook Air for portability and lightness, but I realized I still need the computing power.  The Pro line delivers this type of necessary power.  I also love the fact that the battery life is absolutely amazing.  It will give you several hours of computing on a full charge.

In order though to have the ability to present, you will need to purchase an adapter to connect onto a VGA projector.  These aren’t too expensive around normally $25.  I prefer the Apple line as they seem to be designed slightly better than the others.  A remote also makes doing presentations much easier as you are no longer stuck behind the computer screen pressing the next button to advance slides.

I also own a 32 GB iPad WiFi only which I really enjoy when going out to do coaching sessions with clients as a Social Media Advisor

Video Gear

Video is another thing that I really enjoy incorporating into my business and using regularly.  I started out by shooting them with my old point & shoot camera and have since been able to upgrade into full HD. Here is a list of my current gear:



I use a wide array of sizes of memory cards, from 4GB up to 16GB.  The main thing with memory cards is speed.  You need one that will transfer the files quickly and easily.  I have found the SanDisk Extreme Memory line to work the best at this time as they are great at transferring content quickly and are not terribly expensive.



As I continue to add more gear into my arsenal I will try to come back and add it onto this page.  If you have any questions about any items above, feel free to contact me.