Google Docs Now Accessible From Your Mobile Phone and iPad

Google Docs Mobile

Yesterday Google introduced one more great reason as to why their cloud computing is amazing.  Yesterday they launched the ability to to create, edit, and collaborate on Google Documents from your mobile phone or iPad.  Edits made by your or someone you are sharing the document are now going to take place in almost real time.

How can this help your business? For me, this is huge as I only use Mac computers anymore.  I have a Blackberry phone, but whenever the iPhone decides to go to other mobile carriers, I will probably switch over to that.  So, for my business, this is very important.  It allows me to be able to share documents on the go with clients, collaborate on projects with others and more.  While I am lucky to be on the Mac platform, I know that many of my clients are still on PC’s.  With Google Docs, we are able to communicate easily and quickly without having to translate/convert files between platforms.  Until this point however, I would have to wait till I returned to my computer to access and make any changes to these documents.

Collaborating with Google Docs

With this new release, I can now do such a thing while on the go.  One group that I am a part of that uses a Google Doc regularly is our weekly radio show, Social Media Edge. There are 5 of us that help host the show, so a Google Doc comes in really handy to keep the notes for the show in order.  Each week I log in and place a link to the topic I am going to discuss along with the other hosts.  We can then make sure none of us are duplicating subjects.  We also keep the notes there for questions to ask our weekly guests and other items we want to discuss on the show.

What I have found lately is that at night when I am surfing online and reading content I find a subject I would want to discuss on the show on my iPad.  In the past, I would have to email the link to myself, then in the morning go into my inbox, grab the link, copy it, open up Google Docs and paste it in.  With this new release, I no longer have to do that.

This new release from Google is a great feature that will help those of us who are constantly mobile become even more productive.  If you want to learn more about it, check out the video below:

Jeremy Blanton

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