• Excellent post!! Thank you for the reminder. I definitely fall in the more social category..love connecting with new peeps whether it is through my personal profile on Facebook, FaceBook Page (built by Mike) or twitter. The sharing and learning experiences are priceless!

  • Actually there’s a funny backstory to this. The slice was over a week old when I mailed it.
    I kept trying to leave it out on the counter and it kept getting put back into the fridge by family members. It could have been far more along in “ripeness” if I had my way.
    ; )

  • Thanks for coming by to visit Vickie! Mike is great!

    Mike- Thank goodness it didn’t sit on the counter that long! It probably would have tarnished my love for pizza worse than it did when I opened it!

  • ‘focus more on your social and less on your media.’ thats a great tweet sized coaching lesson.

  • A great summary Randy!

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