Personal Coaching

Social Media ConsultingYou have heard the experts tell you that you need to get your business on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and all the other social media networks.  You spend hours each week creating new profiles on the latest and greatest social network that is supposed to be revolutionary.

But, after spending a lot of time and effort trying to make a profit through social media, you are left with nothing but a bunch of wasted hours and too many profiles to keep up with.  Unlike many of the other gurus out there, here at 210 Consulting we believe in ignoring the shiny objects and focus only on things that produce results.

During our coaching/consulting calls we will share with you strategies and techniques that we have personally tested and produced results.  If you are looking for someone to tell you about the newest and latest great gadgets, this training may not be the ideal fit for your needs.  However, if you want to learn how to tap into the power of social networks to increase your bottom line, this is what you have been looking for.

We offer social media coaching for individuals, small groups, small businesses and corporations. We several options for every type of budget:

  • Weekly Consulting- (one hour call per week plus email support) – $400/month
  • Time Saver Monthly Coaching – (one hour every other week plus email support) – $225/month
  • Hourly Coaching- $125/hour

If you are interested in learning more about our personal coaching, please contact us directly.