5 Tips to Handling Difficult Phone Calls

While the days of text messaging & mobile phone apps seem to be at an all time high, some would argue that actual phone skills don’t seem that big anymore. There are now mobile apps for just about anything you could possibly imagine. Everything from restaurant reviews, paying bills, and more can be done on the right types of phones.   Even though these new apps & ideas are are streamlining the amount of time we may spend talking on a phone there are still times you will need to speak to an upset customer.

Proper phone skills are crucial to any type of business that exists.  It is imperative that you handle angry clients properly when on the phone.  If a person becomes displeased while on the phone with you, you just lost their business forever. Plus, they will probably then pick up the phone and call all their close friends to complain as well.  You have now not only lost the business of that client, but also their entire sphere of connections.

That being said, here are 5 Tips to Handling Difficult Phone Calls with consumers.

Tip #1

When on the phone with an angry person, let them do the talking. Sometimes they just need to blow off steam and get what has been on their chest for the past week out in the open. If you begin cutting them off you will just increase their anger about the situation.

Tip #2

Don’t Argue! No matter how wrong the person may be, if you begin challenging what they are saying and arguing with them on the phone, you will never make any progress at solving the problem. Instead you will just intensify the situation until they probably hang up on you never to be heard of again.

Tip #3

Show sincerity and concern. I think the age old saying “People don’t care how much you know until the know how much you care” is key to problemsolving. They want you to realize that their problem is a major issue to them and that they don’t just want you telling them what you are gonna do.

Tip #4

Don’t Patronize! Don’t behave towards someone in a way which is kind and friendly but nevertheless shows that you are being condescending. People hate that and can pick up on it almost instantly.

Tip #5

Lead them to the answer. My father tells me constantly that it is not always right to be right. When dealing with difficult people on the phone, if you can lead them to the answer and allow them to discover it on their own, it will make them feel better. You may have to eat a piece of humble pie when they tell you that they figured it out and you didn’t, but at least they will end the call feeling good instead of upset and wanting to end the business relationship.  Besides remember, it’s not about you, it’s about them.

I hope these 5 tips help increase your business. If there are other tips you use that work effectively, leave them here!

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Jeremy Blanton

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