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Today I took some time to play with a new favorite of mine  This is a great product that the search engine giant created that simply rocks.  What does is allows you to shorten links quickly and easily.This feature alone is nice, but it isn’t the reasons that fell in love with this new product.  There are three major pieces that I simply love with  Here’s a short synopsis of it.

QR Codes

Goo.glQR Codes are the newest & latest craze that is sweeping the digital community.  Many think it is a way to make paper marketing once again effective.  Personally, I don’t think things are quite there yet. I understand the concepts of QR codes and think they are cool, but unless consumers have a smart phone they cannot use QR code.  I have seen many people starting to remove all their contact information and placing just a QR code there for people to scan.  I am all for cutting edge technology but, I think that is a little more on the bleeding edge.  Nevertheless, you can create them very quickly and easily by using  All you need to do is add .qr to the link.  I simply copied the image and then linked to it and the QR code to the right was made.  In the future as QR codes continue to grow in popularity, I see becoming a very important tool used to creating them. Allows Easy Link Tracking

Wonder how many people are really clicking on the links you share on Facebook, Twitter, and more?  If you shorten the links with, you can then track instantly how many times your links are clicked upon and also where your efforts are paying off.  I ran a test earlier today with one of Jason Crouch’s posts on Using Social Media to increase Face to Face Meetings. I then shared the shortened link on Facebook and also on Twitter. You can see the results below.  It shows you how many clicks, where they clicked in and also you can see the time where I posted it as well as when Jason did.  At both times there was a quick spike in traffic. Tracking Results

The other things I enjoy is that shows me what browswers, what country and also what platforms the person was using when they clicked the link.  I know, you may be thinking who cares about how many times something gets clicked and where they click from, but three situations where you may care.

1.  Clients want to know what your online marketing efforts are doing for them. Ever have a client that wants to just see the numbers?  This happens so many times when things may not be going perfect.  You are doing your job, it is just taking a little more time to bring the results they expect.  The next time you have someone ask you well what is going on with (insert so many things here) that you could respond with, let me see what type of clicks we are getting.

When the client sees that you have generated 28,000 clicks, they will be able to see that you are doing a good job and hopefully reduce the heat.

2.  What network is my sweet spot? I share things on Facebook all the time but don’t really see a ton of interactions on my Facebook profile or our company Facebook Page in comments/likes.  But when I started doing the test, I noticed quickly that on my first test link that Facebook connections clicked on the link a lot more than those on Twitter.  While Google Analytics gives me some of this info, I am not crazy about the fact that it takes time for the analytics to update.  With it updates instantly.  I am a big fan of instant results. (not a Google Instant pun)

3. Effective Time Management. Ever wonder what time of day is best for you to be tweeting and sharing info?  Well, with you can quickly and easily view when your links are getting more clicks and adjust your strategies accordingly.  Test it out over few different days and times and you will learn quickly.

Collaborative Link Tracking

If you are like me, you work on projects from time to time with teams.  Or maybe even with just your clients.  One of the coolest features that does is allow you to create a shortened link, give to a group to share and then also let the entire group track the Results.  In the first comment below you will see a link to track the clicks on this post.  So if you want to share the shortened link for this post and see what type of traffic you generate you can.  Anyone and everyone that you want to share the data with can by simply visiting a URL.

No longer will clients be contacting you wanting updates on numbers. They can simply follow along with you as you share with your online friends about their product or service.

Go give a try now!  By the way, all the links in this post have been shortened, so when you click around, I am gonna know! 🙂

Jeremy Blanton

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