Optimizing Page Speed For Your Custom WordPress Site

PingdomOne of the things that I do on a regular basis is check the page load speed of my site to see how well it is doing with loading.  Page load speed is becoming more and more important each & every day.  While search engines are beginning to place more emphasis on the load speed of a site for SEO purposes, it’s also becoming more important as the number of consumers visiting a website via a mobile device or tablet is growing rapidly.

One of the ways that I like to check my page speed is by using a site called pingdom.  It will run all sorts of test on your site & show you how the site performs, how long it takes for something to load, and also shares what items take the longest to load on your site.

During a recent test of my site, I found that one of the plugins I used to use to display a way for visitors to share my content to Twitter was slowing down the entire load time of my site by over two seconds, a simple change from that plugin to a different Twitter plugin and I shaved over two seconds off the time my site loaded.

By doing these tests, not only do I learn what works better for my site, but I then know which plugins are better performers for my clients.  Needless to say, I never install that Twitter plugin anymore when building a custom WordPress site for someone.

Jeremy Blanton

Jeremy Blanton is the Co-Founder of 210 Consulting- Social Media Advisors. He is a social media speaker who shares with thousands of people each year on things like how to use Facebook for Business, Blogging, and How to use Twitter.

When he is not coaching or speaking, he spends most of his time working on Custom WordPress Sites for his clients.

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