Ask A Social Media Advisor- How To Get Ustream Broadcasts Onto YouTube

Broadcast cameraUstream is a great video broadcasting service that allows you to cover live events and broadcast them out to the world for free.  The video can be shot with complex TV quality cameras or with a device as simple as your smartphone.

The one problem though with the free account is that you are limited to only 10GB of storage space on their server.  While it may seem like that is a huge amount of storage space, if you are recording lengthy broadcasts, it can fill up that storage space pretty quickly. Once your account is full, you then have a quandary.  Do you delete some of the older broadcasts and lost the valuable content?  What about those places that have the broadcast embedded and will now be left with blank content?  Obviously deleting isn’t a good option.

One function that Ustream provides is to upload directly to YouTube your videos.  The only problem is that some accounts on YouTube are still limited to 15 minutes on the length of video you may upload, this can cause you problems.  In the video example below, I am showing you how to move the broadcasts from a church’s Ustream channel.  Most of their videos are 45-60 minutes in length, so if you try using the automatic transfer option, you get an error code back.

So, here’s how you go about getting your videos from Ustream over to YouTube:

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photo by: jsawkins

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