Ask A Social Media Advisor- Where Should My Videos Go?

YouTubeContinuing my series on Ask A Social Media Advisor, today I am discussing a question that was posted on Facebook from client  Marilyn Boudreaux, who is a REALTOR® in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Marilyn asked:

Video is a big deal that we keep hearing over and over. Do you feel that uploading video to You Tube and sharing on your WP site leads the prospect away from your site, i.e. to You Tube where they could be distracted by other videos?? I thought the idea was to keep the lead on your site for as long as possible. Your Thoughts?

Well Marilyn, here’s my response:

Social Media AdvisorsSo in conclusion yes, YouTube is where you should place your videos instead of your site.  The main reasons why videos belong on a video site like YouTube instead of uploaded to your own site are:

  • Plays seamlessly across all devices.
  • Opens viewership to the 4 billion daily views on YouTube.
  • Gives you the ability to rank your video by itself in the search engine results page.

This is one of the rare times in which I suggest placing your content on a site that you do not own and cannot control.  But what I would highly recommend is to place a link in the description segment of your video on YouTube to help drive the YouTube audience back to a place that you own.

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