Baseball Opening Day 2012

Baseball Season 2012Today marks opening day for the 2012 Major League Baseball season.  For those of you who know me, you are aware that I am a huge Phillies fan, and a fan of baseball in general.  This morning I shared a post on Twitter with some friends regarding Social Media & Baseball with some of my other good social media friends, Brad Nix, David Marine, & Matthew Shadbolt.

Upon sharing this infographic which I found entertaining & informative, the regular good old smack talking began across the Twitter Universe.  See, Matthew is a Yankees fan, David is a Mets fan (poor guy) and well Brad, he’s from Atlanta, so you guessed it, he has his beloved Braves.

While the smack talk continued, I decided it was time for us to put up or shut up so I asked them all if they are interested in rewarding the winner of the season by writing a blog post on their site talking about how wonderful the other team is, how great their fans are, and how that person is such a great person for being a fan of that team… IF they win the World Series.  So far, Matthew has agreed to the challenge.

David on the other hand, well, he already bowed out knowing that his Mets are terrible and he has zero chance.  He was though rather proud of the stadium food at Citi Field.  We still wait to see if Brad will join in on the fun.

So would you like to join in with Matthew & I?  If so, leave a comment below with who your favorite team is.

Jeremy Blanton

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  • My daughter went to the Giants vs A’s game yesterday.  Had a good time.  Disowning her later today.  I don’t understand though, is Baseball really considered a sport?  There’s really only a few guys playing at any given time.  The rest just stand and watch.  And only one guy has a stick?  Really?  Why not give them all sticks?  That’ll make it more of a sport!  And did you see that video where all those guys rushed the mound?  Incredibly nobody went to the penalty box!  Neither team got a powerplay. I can go with “pastime” that makes sense to me on several different levels.  I’d rather dress up in a chicken suit and stand on a corner.

    #stiringthepot  #21in21

  • Stir away…

  • Love that baseball is back to being top of mind. Regardless of the team you follow, opening day has a certain novelty to it. Who wouldn’t want go to an Opening Day game in any baseball city?

    As far as Mr. Mueller is concerned he’s obviously never tried to hit a 90 mph fastball or understood the intricacies of positioning in the field based on the research provided on a particular hitter. Baseball is more than a sport. It’s strategy, statistics and spitting wrapped up in green grass, wooden bats and leather gloves.

  • I’m in.  #GoBraves

  • David, @mikemueller:disqus  just like watching Hockey fights 🙂  As for opening day, it is an awesome thing.  I got to go to the opening weekend last year while in Atlanta & watch the Phillies destroy the Braves 12-2.  

    It was made even better by the fact that my Father-in-law is a die hard Braves fan and was there with me.  I did gloat just a little.

  • fantastic Brad

  • What’s hockey? Is it like figure skating with sticks?

  • ya know @twitter-441168018:disqus I was told once that if you watch a fight long enough, you might see a hockey game break out.  Is that true Mike?

  • I’m in!  #GoA’s

  • Glad to see we have another contestant 🙂

  • Count me in Jeremy! I’m going to enjoy all of you writing a special blog about MY Red Sox…especially that yankee guy. BTW…since Mike Mueller is such a hockey fan maybe he can get a head start on this contest and write a blog about MY Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins! Now that’s talkin SMACK!!!!