Enhancing the Audio of Your Videos for Under $25 with the Audio Technica ATR 3350

As I shared the other week in a post on HD Video, I recently upgraded all of my gear as I hope during 2011 to be more involved with video.  So far, I am still working on getting my video settings optimized, but I wanted to share a quick video test I just did regarding audio.  Today is a pretty windy day here at the beach with over 25mph wind gusts.  I thought this was a perfect time to take my new Audio Technica ATR3350 wired lavalier microphone (affiliate link) outside and see just what type of difference it would make on the audio quality.

Audio Technica ATR 3350 Wired Lavalier MicrophoneI was totally amazed at the difference that this microphone made!  As you will hear in the video below, the first half which was shot without a microphone attached I was literally screaming and could still barely be heard over the loud noises of the wind.  Once I hooked up the microphone, the howl of the wind disappeared from the audio.  This great microphone which you can purchase right now on sale at Amazon for under $20 is a great addition for anyone who may want to take their video production to the next level.

I can see plenty of uses for this microphone including when I am at noisy conferences trying to interview someone.  This should reduce the background noise majorly and make it much easier to hear what they are saying.  Also, I can see this coming in handy for outdoor videos.  There are so many places I see this $20 investment being used.

Here’s the audio test video I just shot.  Let me know if you already own the Audio Technica ATR 3350 what applications you are using your microphone for.

Order the Audio Technica ATR 3350 Wired Lavalier Microphone.

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