Good Branding Is As Easy As A Color

Yesterday I sent my wife on a journey to the local Sam’s Club to pick up a few things.  One of the items on the list were AA batteries.  (Seems we go through four a week!) She strolled over to the aisle with our two kids in the cart and as she picked up one of the packs my daughter insisted she put that pack back & get the pink ones for daddy.  So when she came home with her pink batteries she was more than proud to show them off to her daddy.  As my wife apologized profusely for the pink batteries I explained that I had no problem with it because it was helping out a good cause in the Susan G. Komen foundation.  Plus this isn’t the first time pink household items have shown up in our house.  The other month they came home with a giant container of Pink Cascade Actionpacs for the dishwasher.

After she left my office, I began thinking about how easily the Komen Foundation built one of the most powerful brands around all with the use of a color.  When we see NFL players wearing Pink shoes, baseball players using pink bats and pink shirts everywhere, our brain immediately connects with Komen for the cure. They built an entire foundation with one simple concept.  We will symbolize our fight against breast cancer with the color pink.  That pink is now recognized worldwide and related directly to the foundation.

Here’s what I see so powerful about their branding.  They didn’t try to over think or get cutesy with their branding.  They found one thing, the color pink, and built off of that principle.  Sometimes we try to complicate things too much and it ends up diluting our effectiveness.  Let the Komen Foundation be a good reminder that good branding can be as simple as a color.

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Jeremy Blanton

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