Google+ Hangouts Come to Mobile Devices [VIDEO]

Today Google+ released many new features for it’s users in addition to opening up to a Beta state that is now available for all users with no invitation required.  Of these new features, the one that I think is the biggest and also my favorite is the ability to now do a hangout from your mobile device.

So far the update is only for Android phones, and so I immediately downloaded and installed on my device.  I then gave it a quick demo test with a few of my friends.  Unfortunately, it seems as if there is a glitch in either the app or within my device as whenever I use the front facing camera I am sideways in the Google+ mobile hangout.  If I switch to my rear facing camera the video seems to be fine.

I see this another major step by Google at taking market share from the iPhone devices.  Facetime has been a huge success for their devices but is only available on Apple devices.  Google+ on the other hand will be available across all platforms it appears in the near future.  The one issue they may face is that there are so many different devices running so many different versions of their operating system.  Unlike Apple that allows everyone to update to the newest version, The Android system only is updated when the phone manufacturer allows an update to be done.

Here’s quick demo video.

I see this new feature coming in very handy over the next few month as I have several events at which I am presenting as a social media speaker.  This way I will be able to have plenty of face to face interaction with not only my family, but also with my clients.  The one issue I have had so far with Google+ hangouts is that it required a connection via a computer on wi-fi.  With the addition of Google+ mobile hangouts, this issue has been resolved!

What do you think of Google+ hangouts new mobile version?

Jeremy Blanton

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  • This is a very interesting innovation is necessary for the present generation and communication. This is big step in future for Google !

  • This is important step for the future of Google and Google+, but I always thought that the Apple platform leader in this area. New opportunity it’s always better. I hope Android give us more new interesting stuff. Thanks for great news and video.

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