Have You Found My iPad?

Theft on iPads, iPhones, & iPods are increasing at a rapid rate.  I’ve seen many reports of thefts from cars, bags, and even on airplanes.  I personally had my iPod stolen a few months back out of my vehicle that was parked right in front of the house.  What if there was a way to track your device if it was stolen from your possession? Application to Find My iPadOr, maybe you are on a flight and accidentally leave it in the back pouch of the seat in front of you.

Well, Find My iPad gives you the ability to track your device, lock it up so nobody else can use it and also erase any private data that you have stored on it.  In addition, you can send messages directly to the device saying whatever you wish.  It’s also accompanied by an annoying beep to pester the thief.  Find My iPad uses GPS tracking to locate your device and will show you exactly where it is located through your MobileMe account.  From the tests I have done, the GPS is very accurate, so if it is stolen, you can find out pretty quickly where it is and who was the perpetrator of the crime.

Here’s a short video demonstrating some of the functions of Find My iPad:

Jeremy Blanton

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