There Is Strength In Numbers

Let me start by saying I have debated writing this post for at least the past three months.  Why?  Well the post has nothing to do about benefitting your business online or how to use some sort of new social media tool.  In fact, let me just get it out in the first paragraph and say that this post is about me and a situation I am in now where I need your help.  If that bothers you, feel free to click off this post now.

As some of you may or may not know, in October of this year my wife and I are going to accomplish something that has been a passion of both of us.  Before we even got married almost six years ago we both decided we wanted to make differences in other people’s lives through taking short-term missions trips to other countries.  On October 22nd we will be loading a plane to head out on our first trip as a couple for one month.  We will be traveling to Tirunelveli, India, Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, and to both Johannesburg & Cape Town, South Africa.  If you want to see all the details of our trip, you can visit the site I built specifically for it at

While on this trip I’ll be working closely with teams in each of the areas we travel to help them get the equipment they need as well as assist them in getting it all set up so that they will be able to stream their services worldwide and get their churches set up online.  I will be holding sessions during the day with businessmen and women in the various locations to show them how to use technology to increase their businesses which is what I do daily with my business.

Another thing we plan to do on this trip is work closely with the leadership in the churches in some leadership training.  During the days we are planning to spend time working closely with an orphanage in Cape Town, South Africa that helps children that have been abandoned or have diseases.  This part has my wife Katherine beyond excited.   At night we will be participating in many revival type services where we will minister to thousands the Gospel in the multiple countries.  It’s also been rumored that there might be a few small construction type jobs for us to handle while there which is fine by me.

My final job during this trip will be document everything to share with the church family when we return home in both pictures and video.  Many times people know you go on a missions trip, but they never get to see what the results were of their generosity in supporting you.

So here’s my challenge to everyone:  We have three days to raise basically $5,000 and meet our goal.  Maybe right now you are strapped tight and don’t have the extra to share.  I get that & understand completely.  As someone who owns his own business and has a family with two young children I truly understand.  If you can’t give monetarily, will you at least assist me by sharing this post with your friends on the various social networks?  The more people who view this post means the more chances we have to reaching our goal by the September 10th deadline.  I’ve heard sayings before “There’s strength in numbers” and “Many hands make the load light” which I believe are both very applicable right now.

If you are like me, you have probably think a small donation wouldn’t do much help, so why even bother.  My type of personality can sometimes be that all or nothing type, where if I can’t give the $5,000 needed, then there’s no point in giving any. But, if 500 people each made a $10 donation, we would have things covered in full.  Most everyone I know has the ability to spare that right now.  That’s the equivalent of a Frappuccino & bagel one morning at Starbucks or a #9 value meal at McDonald’s.

So can you help us out?  I’m placing the donation form below.  If you make a donation, please let me know by either tweeting about it with the hashtag #5KFORSA.  If you are not on Twitter, send me a message on Facebook or whatever other means you want.  On behalf of myself and my wife, I want to sincerely thank everyone for their generosity!

Let me finish by saying this, if this post offended you or upset you, I apologize.  I promise that this will be the only time you hear me ask for donations for this trip on this site.  As I stated in my opening paragraph, I debated writing here for several months before constructing this post.  I felt that as this is my most popular site of all the ones I own, it would be the most likely place to share this post.  If you want to follow along as we take this upcoming trip, I hope to update this site while we are gone.

photo by: anniehp

Jeremy Blanton

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  • duddlydoright

    Slacktivism? Like slacking? I think in this economy we all have our issues and many have tightened their belts. To send strangers off on an expensive african trip is a lot to most. I don’t think its fair to insinuate slacking. I think many that go on missions are selfless and heroes, but I’m just not sure you “expect” others to pay for it. Though I wish you luck.

  • Great post. It sounds like you will impact lots of lives!