Klout Perks From The Weather Channel

This past week I received my first Klout Perks via the mail. I’ve received a few online perks in the past including one for Spotify which I absolutely love.  For those unfamiliar with what Klout is, let me give you a quick summary:

Klout is a site that connects to the various social networks you use on a regular basis to determine what type of social influence you have.  I am not really sure though how it can accurately measure influence as I know many people with a small following on social networks but are very influential to that small group.  Then you have others that have a large following of people who do nothing but automate broadcasting out.  What I have noticed is that one of the factors they use to determine how influential you are is how often you are updating things and the size of your following.

For example Beyonce who has over 1.6 million followers on Twitter has never once tweeted but still has a very high Klout score.  Is she truly influential on the social network herself?  Or is it just that others talk about her? (a lot) Either way, Klout perks are there to reward those they feel are influential in social networks with various gifts and rewards.

Nevertheless, here is an unboxing of my recent perk which came courtesy of The Weather Channel.  Thanks!

Jeremy Blanton

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