Live Each Day As There Is No Tomorrow- Lessons Learned From Clint #weloveclint

Clint Aaron Miller March 8, 1971 – December 11, 2011

I woke up this morning to learn of the passing of friend of mine, Clint Miller.  He had been battling cancer the past few months.  I sat in silence in my office reading hundreds of comments, posts, tweets, and so much more from friends of his from around the world.  He was a special man who touched the lives of many.

I then began reflecting on things in my own personal life and the losses I’ve seen from other friends over the past few weeks.  I thought of my friend Irene who lost a battle to cancer.  I thought of my friends Missy Caulk, Christa Caulk, & Bob Stewart who recently lost their son/brother, Jaime in a tragic auto accident followed by the loss of their granddaughter/niece just a few weeks later unexpectedly.  So much loss among friends in the past few weeks which made me begin to really ponder the things that matter in life.

I tried to put it all down in a post, but the thoughts were coming faster than I could write, so I simply put them on video.  It’s a little on the long side (6 minutes) and I know I rambled on, but it’s my thoughts unedited, unscripted, and straight from the heart, so please take a few minutes to watch:

Take a moment to love those around you.  Make memories that will last a life time.  None of us are promised tomorrow, so live today as if there is no tomorrow.  Love those around you and forgive those that have hurt you.  Pick up the phone and reach out to those around you.  Forgive.  Forget.  Live life now.

If you want to learn more about the man Clint Miller, here are a few posts from other friends:

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Also, if you want to donate to the Miller Family, you can do it here.

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  • My sadness continues as so my prayers for his beautiful family. It has been such a horrible 11 weeks, but in the midst of such grieve, God is still on the throne and is still a Good God. We grieve but with Hope as we will all be together again. I prayed this morning for Clint during my designated prayer time, before reading on FB but the prayers were all for Angie. I have prayed for God to let him and Jamie meet as they would be good friends. 

  • Missy I continue to lift you and your family up. You have all taught me great lessons and have strengthened my faith greatly.

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  • What a lovely tribute and message… Clint would be so honored that he inspired you to spend more time with your family.  Remember he would tell us all to go outside and look at the stars with loved ones… I encourage you to do that with them tonight… after a family walk together.  Love you, friend.

  • yes, enjoy the stars, never miss a sunrise or sunset!

  • Cindy Jones

    Jeremy thank you for sharing your thoughts on Clint.  The last few months have once again hammered home the reminder that life is precious and we must remember not to take it for granted. 

  • So very true Cindy.

  • Jeremy, Such great thoughts, and food for thought. Thank you for your outreach to us as well. We will miss Clint’s wit and transparency, and what he gave us all. thanks for taking time today…to do this post.Love you!

  • Thanks Debbie!

  • Robert Schwabe

    Jeremy, Thank you for sharing your thoughts on video. After watching your video it really made me think what is most important to me and that’s  family. I never met Clint but years ago we crossed paths on Twitter and Facebook and always engaged in conversation when we seen each other online. I never knew what he did for a living and then we had a chance to talk on the phone a few months back.  Right off the bat he made me feel like we have been long lost friends. Jeremy, thank you for reminding me of the important things in life.

  • You are welcome Robert. Go hug someone.

  • Anne Marie Malfi

    Jeremy, thanks for sharing your thoughts on Clint and how important it is to live life and make memories.  From all that Clint has gone through and shared openly to watching what Missy Caulk has had to endure with her tremendous loss and my family struggling with our own experience with cancer and illness, it truly puts it all into perspective.  I really appreciate your words Jeremy and they have hit home with me in a big way – thank you!

  • Thanks 🙂

  • Excellent post! Thanks for sharing. 

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