Social Media Marketing- Sears

Sears has a different approach to their Social Media Marketing than some of the other big brands I have seen.  What do you think of their tagline: “Find us, friend us, follow us?”  Personally, I think it is kinda catchy and different than others.  The one down side I see is that the find us part makes me think we are going on a scavenger hunt to try & find their Twitter & Facebook accounts.  I do like that they are including YouTube in their social media marketing.  Very few corporations have done that. 


Overall, I think Sears did a pretty good job in their print ad in including social media marketing.


Jeremy Blanton

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  • Daniel Honigman

    Thanks, Jeremy. I’m the social media manager for Sears Electronics, and it’s great to hear positive feedback like this!We’ve been trying some interesting things lately with our on-shelf review program (, offering exclusive deals through our Facebook page. ( and some interesting things with QR tags.We’ll actually have a pretty big announcement in about a week, so stay tuned!

  • jeremy

    Thanks for stopping by Daniel!  Make sure to let me know when you guys make your big announcement!  I'd love to check it out & possibly even cover it over on our blog.Jer