Social Media Winner of the Week! New Regular Feature at 210 Consulting

Not too long ago, during an episode of our weekly radio program, “Social Media Edge“, I came up with an idea that I thought had merit and have since implemented. Each week, we name a Social Media Winner and Loser of the Week.  Some weeks, I have trouble coming up with one or the other, but it’s a fun segment.  Jeremy thought it would be a great idea to have the same thing here on our company blog, and this is the first installment. So, without further ado….

Our Social Media Winner of the Week is Shareaholic, which is responsible for the WordPress plugin known as SexyBookmarks.  It’s the thing that looks like this at the bottom of each of our posts and enables our readers to spread our content to their networks:
Sexy Bookmarks

You’ve probably seen examples of this on blogs across the internet at this point.  According to their site, they have nearly 500,000 downloads so far!

So, how did they manage to win this (rather prestigious) new award?

1. They listened.

2. After listening, they acted.

Here’s the scoop:

Jeremy reviewed SexyBookmarks in this post recently.  He mentioned how much we both like the plugin, but he also suggested an improvement:

SexyBookmarks needs to fix:

The one thing that really annoys me when I am setting up this plugin for a client is that the most popular list is really not the most popular sites for here in the USA.  The one that really blows my mind is that Facebook, the social media 800 LB gorilla is not chosen when you click most popular. I wish that they could at least add Facebook and a few others onto that list.

He quickly received this comment from Jay at Shareaholic:

But that’s not all!

Shareaholic also saw Jeremy’s tweet to someone wherein he said that we install SexyBookmarks on every site we build for our clients here at 210 Consulting.  They noticed, and they retweeted this.  Kudos to them for paying attention, unlike SO MANY companies out there.

Big congratulations to Shareaholic for being on top of your game and for winning our inaugural prize.

Keep an eye out here on our blog for future installments. We’re also not afraid to post the “Losers of the Week” (or month, or year), so that should make for some interesting future reading.

Thanks for stopping by!