Social Media Winner of the Week – Walt Disney Pictures

I don’t think a whole lot about my Klout score until an enterprising company offers me something special because of it. Not too long ago, I was approached by Fox to spread the word about a new show they were launching called “Lone Star”.  I wasn’t particularly interested based on the premise, so I didn’t follow up/accept.  The show lasted two episodes, I think.

However, a couple of weeks ago, I got an email from Disney inviting me to attend a free advance screening of “Tangled”, which is set for release on November 24th.  It’s a 3D animated comedy based on the story of Rapunzel.  This is more my speed, frankly, so I readily accepted and I took my two older daughters (they are 9.5 and 4.5 years old).

We arrived about 10-15 minutes before the scheduled screening time of 7:30pm. I saw a gigantic line wrapping halfway around the building, and I was concerned.  As we were walking up, I asked someone if that was the line for “Tangled”, even though I already knew that it had to be.  My heart dropped a little bit.  I was worried about disappointing my little girls, since I didn’t see how everyone in that line could possibly fit into an average theater.

We took our place at the end of the line, and it began to move….slowly.  I noticed that most of the people around me were holding large passes. Was I supposed to have these?  Maybe I should have gone to the box office first.  Ugh.  Someone mentioned that they were hoping to get a seat, but if not, it was no big deal to them.  It was a big deal to me, since there was no talk of limited seating on the email or info I had received, and I had two girls who were stoked about seeing this movie.

As we approached the corner for the final straightaway to get to the actual door, a guy came around to the crowd and said this:

“If you received an email from Disney giving you front-of-line access, please come see me.”

Could it be?

I walked a few feet over to him, and I mentioned that I had received an email from Disney, but I didn’t know if it granted us special access or not.

“What’s your name, sir?”

I responded.

“Yes, you’re on the VIP list.  Come with me, please.  You’re in the special reserved section of the theater.”


I gathered my daughters and our hands were stamped, then we were whisked inside, leaving a couple hundred folks outside looking bewildered.

The sole complaint about the evening was the fact that I was forced to return to my car before the movie, since I had an iPhone with me and it has a built-in camera.  I think this could have been more clear in the instructions.

We all loved the movie, and I’ll write a separate review on one or more of my blogs sometime soon. It’s definitely worth seeing, and a few scenes were laugh-out-loud funny.  The animation was lush and beautifully rendered.  I was impressed.

They’re supposed to be mailing me a kit of “Tangled” goodies sometime soon, too, including a t-shirt, etc.  It didn’t ask for a shirt size, so I’ll be interested to see what they send now.  🙂  I think I’m supposed to include this rather official sounding disclosure, which is the truth, too:

I was given a free product or sample because I’m a Klout influencer. I was under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.

Congratulations to Disney Pictures!  You are the 210 Consulting Social Media Winner of the Week.  I have little doubt that your efforts will help “Tangled” to be a big-time success through the holidays.

  • Jason, I was there in that last-gasp group with you and was equally glad to be ushered in with special seating. I guess my beef with the whole situation is the theater didn’t really help things out. It sure would have been nice if there was some help for those of us who got their tickets via KloutPerks…some signage or personal assistance. Instead, we nearly didn’t get in at all.

    Oh well, small bone to pick, I guess. My girls were thrilled to see a movie in advance of it officially coming out (their friends were very envious). And they were equally thrilled with their swag that came the next day.

    Who knew having something to say on Twitter might make my girls happy and help me look like a superhero to them 🙂

  • Wow that is so cool!

  • Realestate Lesleylambert

    I didn’t get the preview offer, but they are sending me a gift pack because of mr Klout score. I was impressed by that, but your story trumps mine!

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  • Anonymous

    Lesley – I didn’t even realize that there were different levels of Klout offerings. I would definitely encourage you to see this movie, though. It’s well worth the time!

  • Anonymous

    Monika – I thought so, too!

  • Anonymous

    So funny that we were in the same small group getting into the theater, yet we didn’t even know it. Such is social media, I suppose. I agree with your take on things – wish it had been more clear where to go, etc. That being said, I felt pretty heroic with my girls, too. 🙂 I look forward to the swag, which is on its way, apparently.

  • Hey Jason,

    So glad you had a great experience! Appreciate you sharing.

    Megan Berry
    Marketing Manager, Klout

  • Thanks for stopping by Megan! I am loving the way Klout is starting to recognize those influential in the social media sphere. Hopefully this will soon spread to the full country and even into small areas like where I live.

    BTW Jason, My Klout is now up to 59 last time I checked.

  • Anonymous

    Megan – It was a great night with the girls. I’ll write a review sometime soon. My nine-year-old daughter said, “We are DEFINITELY getting this one when it comes out on DVD” and my four-year-old daughter’s mini-review was, “That was the best movie I ever SAW!” Nicely done, Klout and Disney. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Jeremy – Mine is also 59. 🙂

  • LarryStory


    Very cool I am sure you are now the VIP super Dad to the girls. Nothing like being pulled out of line and ushered in ahead of others to make you feel special. The previews look good can’t wait to see your preview blog.

  • Jason – That’s cool right to the VIP area.