Ok, so you tweet a lot.  You have thousands of peeps following you.  You share valuable information on a regular basis.  Your tweets get retweeted to millions.  You think you are really a BIG deal on the twittersphere.  That is until you meet Tom.

<insert overly dramatic music>

Tom TOM: I haven’t seen you online lately – are you out of the business?

YOU: No way!  I’m mainly on Twitter these days. I tweet every 36.8 seconds on average.  Mostly really good stuff too!  I’m sending pictures, links, and even videos out to all my followers.  Now that I think about it, I also tweet what I’m having for breakfast.  Oh, and then occasionally a cool quote I just saw from someone else. Ok, I do that a lot. And yes I do ReTweet almost everything so and so says.  But in between all that are some really good stuff.

TOM: Yeah thanks. I tried Twitter once, I didn’t get it. What do I care what people are having for breakfast?  Sorry, I don’t have time for Twitter.  It’s going to be Facebook or websites only for me.  It’s been nice knowing you…

Have you ever run into someone who just doesn’t ‘get’ Twitter?  Try hard as you might, they’re never going to either?

Mike's TwylahWhat if you could put all the meaningful tweets in a single webpage?  That would be something Tom might read, right?  What if you could organize them by topics?  That would make it easy for people not on twitter to still get the valuable info your tweets contained.  Now, what if you could do all this all automatically?

That’s Twylah!  Twylah takes all my tweets and sorts them.  It sorts the content into categories that it creates.  If I start tweeting about a certain topic, Twylah will know and create a category for it.  Example: Tweets with a #REBCORL hashtag?  Tom doesn’t need to know anything about a hashtag – he can just go to that category on the menu bar.  Here’s my Page:

This will make Tom really happy.  It doesn’t include the mind numbing crap about what I had for breakfast.  It takes the mess of my Twitter stream, filters it and arranges it beautifully into a single page.


Better yet, I have control.  I can hide certain topics and push others.  That means my love for tweeting Bieberism’s doesn’t have to stop!

Twylah also has a Power Tweet feature.  Essentially, it sends a message out to twitter as you with a link back to Twylah.  There the message can contain much more than 140 characters.  I’m just starting to experiment with the Power Tweet button.  Matter of fact – I’ll use it to promote this post!

Kelly Kim Want to get your own?  Start here: to request an invite.
HINT: It also might help to follow Kelly Kim on Twitter, she’s @Twylah (naturally).

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4 Responses to Twylah

  1. Someone told me about Twylah a week ago. I registered and got an email that said they’d get back with me, and I still haven’t heard. Twylah looks pretty impressive and I’d love to try it.