Optimizing the Resolution on a Kodak Playtouch for Online Video

Over the past few months I have really tried to integrate more and more video into my online marketing plan.  I wrote about my recent purchases of the Kodak Playtouch and all the accessories that I purchased to go along with it.  However, once I pulled the camera out of the box and shot my first video, I must admit I wasn’t blown away by the resolution.  I figured that if I wanted the absolute best quality video on YouTube that I needed to shoot it at 1080P which was one of the options available inside my camera.

To me, highest resolution meant best possible quality.  Well, not exactly.  So, I set off on testing all the different resolution options to find which was the best option.  Below is a simple video I shot in my office.  Each scene has all the exact same variables, the only thing different was that I changed the resolution setting inside the Kodak Playtouch.

To my surprise, what I found is that it appears that either setting the resolution to 720HD or 720HD @ 60 frames per second delivered a much higher quality video.  So, if you have the Kodak Playtouch and are looking to get the best quality video to share on YouTube, you may want to play with your resolution settings.

Jeremy Blanton

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  • Anonymous

    Great job Jeremy. This will help with my videos going forward as I used the 1080 setting. 

  • Tom, I couldn’t figure it out, and then I started to mess with it I saw a
    quality increase. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that YouTube
    isn’t really ready for 1080 yet.

  • Hi Jeremy,  great stuff.  I like the first scene shot resolution.  The 1080 seemed out of focus for me.  Made me almost pick up my reading glasses to put you into focus.  How does the Kodak Playtouch compare with the HD flipcam I currently have not begun using. 

  • They should be fairly similar in quality Stephanie. The only really BIG
    difference is that the Kodak allows for connecting an external microphone
    which is HUGE for sound quality.

  •  exellent video! thanks a lot!  great job as always.

  • Jason Preece

    720HD 60 FPS definitely looked the best in my opinion. I got a question for you regarding what would you do if you where in my shoes. I have a Canon T1i and it shoots great videos but the size sometimes is an issue with packing it around. Would you buy another recorder just because of the size?

  • Jason, funny you ask this! I actually just went the other way & purchased
    the Canon t3i. I wanted it for the camera to shoot pictures of the kids &
    other things. I also LOVE the quality of video it can produce. (I haven’t
    mastered all the settings as it just came this week) I will still probably
    use both cameras as the portability of the Playtouch is through the roof.
    But, when I want to do some more professional looking video, I’ll definitely
    be pulling out the t3i as soon as I figure it out.

    This is my first venture into HDDSLR and so it’s a lot to learn &

  • Jason Preece

    When you figure it out holla at me. Have a Great 4th of July weekend

  • Jeremy what do you think of your Canon t3i? I am thinking of going with the Canon 60D but it is good to keep on hand the playtouch for ease of use and small size to carry around.

  • I LOVE the t3i! I love that it has the flip out screen. It does some amazing video and shoots awesome photos. I only have an 18-135MM lens at the moment which I am so glad I at least upgraded from the stock 18-55. Makes a huge difference right off the bat.