How to Add Images to Gallery Leaf in Headway

As many of you know, I build a good amount of Custom WordPress Sites for clients.  One of the main themes I use for these sites is Headway.  I like it because of the ease in making changes with it’s drag & drop theme.  It also comes in handy if the client decides they want to make some changes down the road to their site.  With a few simple clicks they could make all types of color changes & move things around on their theme.

One of the leafs (similar to a widget or plugin) that Headway has is called the Gallery Leaf.  It allows you to quickly & easily install a gallery either on a page or in the sidebar of a page.  One of my clients that is using this was having difficulty getting new images to load, so I made this quick video below on how to add images to the Gallery Leaf in Headway.  I figured that if he was having a problem with it, that there were probably others out there as well who could use some help with it too.

Jeremy Blanton

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  • Stephfessel

    Thanks for sharing Jeremy. Was just getting ready to ask you how to do this.

  • This won’t work on your site Stephanie. This is a feature that only seems
    to work with older programs. If you are wanting to change the ones in your
    image rotator, it’s a much different process & much more in depth.

  • finally! thank you so much! i was looking for this information and you gave it in the best way! you are always so helpful for me… what would i do without you… thanks again!