WordPress Responsive Design

Responsive WordPress SiteBy now, it’s no longer a surprise that your WordPress website needs to be mobile friendly.  From analyzing current client sites, anywhere from 20%-40% of their current site traffic is from some sort of smart phone or tablet device (iPad, etc).  As technology continues to grow, these numbers will only continue to rise.

One of the newest ways to accomplish a mobile friendly website is by designing your WordPress site on a responsive type of theme.  What is a responsive WordPress site?  A responsive web design (RWD) is a website that has easy navigation and reading with minimal scrolling, resizing, or panning across a wide range of devices ranging from the 4″ screen of an iPhone, to the 9.5″ iPad, to various laptop screens, and up to 27″ desktop monitors and beyond.  In short, it’s a beautiful looking website that looks great on virtually any device made.

We recently have made this a standard feature on all our Custom WordPress sites we build.  That means your new site will be ready for an amazing user experience on just about any device right out of the gate.  No plugins required to configure, no subdomains or extra monthly expenses.  Your site is ready from the beginning.

If you would like to see live demos, visit these links below:

This is just one of the many features included in our Custom WordPress sites.  Get your site started today!