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I’ve decided it was time to offer a more reliable solution to backing up your Custom WordPress Site.  In the past I’ve simply put on a free plugin that backs up just your database to your email.  They would work fine, until WordPress releases a new version that breaks their plugin.  Then, you are at the mercy of the developer to come in and create a new version and fix the bugs.  And since they created it as a free service and are not making any money off of it, they aren’t always the quickest to do so.  I recently ran into this with updates to WordPress that have stopped my backups from coming through for almost 6 weeks.

Some will say you don’t need a backup service because your hosting company will do it for you.  That is partially accurate.  Many hosting companies will back up your site for you onto their server.  The only problem with this is that if your site is hacked, it is an attack on your server which is also holding your backup.  This backup stands a good risk of also being infected which makes this option not the safest out there.

What most experts recommend as the best possible solution, is to back up your site regularly to a secure server other than the one your site is hosted on like an Amazon S3 cloud server.

That being said, here is what the new service includes:

  • Daily database backups to an Amazon S3 server with the seven most recent days saved.
  • Full site backup (database, files, plugins, theme customizations, the works) saved on Amazon S3 servers every two months.  (most recent 2 full backups kept minimum)
  • Full Restoration of site in case of attack.
  • Daily email notifications that site has been backed up.
  • Email notifications if there is an error reported during backup.
  • Access to Sucuri Malware scanner inside WordPress dashboard to scan your site for malware manually.

Pricing for this is being offered as either month to month or annually.  If you have more than one site you would like to have backed up, your second site is less.

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